Mystery of History Volume III - Timeline Figures

Mystery of History Volume III - Timeline Figures

by Amy Pak
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This packet of reproducible timeline figures includes:

  • Over 250 detailed black & white images with name, date, and descriptive text
  • Timeline lines for the wall, dating from 5000 BC to 99 AD
  • A list of figures with dates for easy access
  • Tips for use and display

This resource can accompany many history curricula, and was designed to be compatible with Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations and the Bible and The Mystery of History I. It also includes all people mentioned in Famous Men of Greece and Famous Men of Rome, and goes well with Heart of Wisdom.

Images range from approximately 2.5" to 4" tall. All of the images contained here are also available on the Full Collection on CD-ROM. This CD-ROM is our best value, offering all of the figures for this and three other packets, plus bonus figures, at a lower price and in an easy to use—and adjustable—format.

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Sumerian Cuneiform

Alexander III

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