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Can Genetics Be Fun for Students?

"Hey! Want to come over after school and extract some DNA together?"
It may not be the typical middle school conversation—but you might hear it from kids who've been using Science2Discover's books, My Name Is Gene and Fun With Gene.

My Name Is Gene and its secular counterpart Call Me Gene is narrated by a gene who walks students through major advances in genetics, from Gregor Mendel's experiments with pea plants to modern animal cloning and the Human Genome Project.

The companion workbook Fun With Gene builds on the knowledge gained in My Name is Gene or any genetics/biotechnology book with a series of puzzles, genetics trivia questions, cases to solve involving crime-solving, disease control, and agriculture. Students will also learn how to extract DNA from plants, make models of DNA and cells, replicate DNA, develop mutations...and more.

"a terrific book... [The authors] have taken a complex topic and made it an enjoyable and informative read with clear graphics targeted perfectly for middle school students.."
Phyllis Clay - 6th-8th grade Science Curriculum Specialist, Fountain Valley School District
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Fun with Gene - Teacher Edition
by N.C. Bailey & N.L. Eskeland
from Science2Discover, Inc.
for 4th-8th grade
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