My First Chinese Words

My First Chinese Words

Simplified Chinese

Publisher: Better Chinese Ltd.
Mixed Media
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From the back of the box:

My First Chinese Words is the only complete curriculum designed to help children learn Chinese as a foreign or second language. Upon completion, students will recognize basic Chinese characters and sentence patterns. Compiled by education experts and experienced teachers, My First Chinese Words guides young learners through situational themes, accompanied by colorful and stimulating illustrations that they can easily relate to for high impact learning. Not only will students learn effectively, they will have fun learning-the most powerful motivation of all!

The integrated curriculum of My First Chinese Words consists of:

  • 36 children-friendly books
  • an Audio CD
  • web-based animated stories
  • My First Chinese Exercises, a set of 2 workbooks - downloadable worksheets & other learning aids
  • large posters & other teaching aids
  • an interactive CD-ROM for self-study
  • a comprehensive teacher/parent guide
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