My Escape from the Auto De Fe at Valladolid

My Escape from the Auto De Fe at Valladolid

A Story Founded on Historic Fact

by Don Fernando, William Timms (Reteller)
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
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Historical Setting: Spain/France, October 1559 - August 1572

In the difficult days of the Protestant Reformation, Don Fernando de la Mina, a rich Spanish nobleman, is arrested by the Inquisitors and sentenced to death for "heresy." Because of his reformed beliefs, he is about to be burned at the stake at the Auto de Fé (act of faith), when, through several incredible miracles of Providence, he makes his escape.

Disguised and unrecognized, even by his fiancé who is also suspected of reform ideas, Don Fernando attempts to rescue his beloved and flee with her to France.

This captivating story is full of intrigue, suspense, humor, and hope. With every step there is new danger. This fascinating account, told with ardent fervor, will thrill and amaze you, and strengthen your faith in the protecting hand of Providence over God's faithful believers.

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