Music Theory II

Music Theory II

with Flutophone Instruction

by Nick Kozar (Author)
Publisher: A Beka Books
Second Edition, ©2014, Item: 72330
Trade Paperback, 59 pages
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The better we understand, the more we can enjoy! Continue to enhance your child’s musical understanding and enjoyment with Music Theory II. This colorful work-text reinforces musical knowledge and skills learned in Music Theory I, helping your child become more proficient. It also builds on those concepts. This year your child will learn more music concepts and symbols, band and orchestra instruments, and new notes B-flat and F-sharp, expanding the songs he can play on the flutophone, such as “Yankee Doodle.” You will thrill with his growing sight singing ability and appreciation for classical music. Gr. 4–5.

Product Features

  • The fun of playing an instrument! Your child will enjoy showing you his skill with the flutophone as he plays songs from “Caissons Go Rolling Along” to “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.” The hands-on application on the flutophone after each new concept makes practical use of music concepts and creates excitement for future music studies, such as participation in band, orchestra, or choir.
  • Acquaintance with a variety of musical instruments. Understanding what instruments make up the music world is important, perhaps even intriguing your child to play a particular instrument himself! Your child will learn about the four families of musical instruments—string, woodwind, brass, and percussion—and answer questions about those families. Pictures are provided so your child can be familiar with each member of these families and how they compare to the others.
  • Creative exercises. Activities such as crossword puzzles and matching games make learning fun while helping you discern your child’s understanding of concepts.
  • Comprehensive reviews and learning aids. Four “Looking Back” pages and four “Musical Checkup” pages help you know that your child is retaining the wonderful music concepts he has been learning. The back of the book contains 54 flashcards for child review and 8 supplementary songs for further practice. It also includes pictures of the correct fingering for each flutophone note learned.
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