Music Study with the Masters: Beethoven

Music Study with the Masters: Beethoven

2 CDs and Book set

by Sonya Shafer
Audio CD, 52 pages
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Music Study with the Masters makes it easy to enjoy and appreciate music together as a family.  With Charlotte Mason's simple and effective method, you will get to know the composer well, add variety to your schoolwork, plus cultivate your children's tastes for good music in just a few short minutes each week.

Each Music Study with the Masters portfolio includes everything you need to teach music appreciation successfully.

  • Step-by-step instructions for doing music study
  • Two full-length CDs of the composer's music
  • Listen and Learn ideas for eight of the composer's works
  • A personal portrait of the composer
  • A timeline to show where the composer fits in history
  • A Day in the Life biography of the composer
  • An additional longer biography for older students
  • Recommended resources for further study
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