Museum Guide

Museum Guide

by Answers In Genesis
Publisher: Answers in Genesis
Spiralbound, 221 pages
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Homeschools and educationally-minded Christians traditionally love museums, but it can turn into a challenge when almost every exhibit references evolution or a naturalistic view of nature and humanity. Answers in Genesis' Museum Guide is filled with information not only on individual exhibits, but also the worldview behind them.

Learn about 'life from non-life', where are the alleged transitional forms?, what about dating ancient artifacts?, do mutations fuel evolution?, why are there oceans? and a multitude of other topics featured in major museums. Divided into "halls" you can easily find the information you're looking for in the "hall of life", "hall of exciting earth" and "Hall of our Expansive Universe".

Filled with beautiful photographs, this is a book that will be fun to browse through as well as utilize as a reference tool.

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