Mudpies to Magnets

Mudpies to Magnets

A Preschool Science Curriculum

by Elizabeth Sherwood, Robert Williams, 2 othersRobert Rockwell, Laurel J. Sweetman (Illustrator)
Publisher: Gryphon House
Fir, ©1987, ISBN: 9780876591123
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 157 pages
Price: $16.95

Children are naturally curious. They explore, touch, feel, listen and want to learn. In this book, the authors offer 112 ready-to-use science experiments for preschoolers. These hands-on science experiments and ideas with step-by-step instructions delight and amaze children as they experience nature, the human body, electricity, floating and sinking, and more. Children participate in projects such as making a tornado in a jar, creating constellations and growing crystals. Categorized by curriculum areas, each activity includes a list of vocabulary words and easily accessible materials. The book also includes suggestions of additional ways to extend each activity.

Experiments include:

"... The book is filled with experiments that allow young children to begin to learn the principles of science and to gain an appreciation for nature. Like [More Mudpies to Magnets), this book utilizes common objects, and one does not have to search far to gather the supplies."
Homeschoolers of Central Jersey

Table of Contents:

    Words You Can Use: Talking with Children About Science
    Things You Will Need: Setting Up for Science
    Science Safety: Build Good Habits Early
    Finding the Things You Will Needs
    What To Do: Some Thoughts on Teaching Science
    Young Children & Learning
    Some Ideas About Planning
    Want to Do More: Making Your Own Science Kits

  1. On Your Own: Science Center Activities
  2. Building With Science: Construction and Measurement
  3. Science For A Crowd: Circle Time Activities
  4. Paints and Prints: Scientific Art
  5. Wet and Messy: Science For A Special Place
  6. Science To Grow On: Health and Nutrition
  7. Learning About Nature: Outdoor Science
  8. Acting Out Science In A Big Way: Creativity and Movement
  9. Hodge-Podge
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