Mr. Baggy-Pants Lizard - Audio CD

Mr. Baggy-Pants Lizard - Audio CD

by "Uncle Bob" Devine
Publisher: A Beka Books
©1978, Item: 78362
Audio CD, 1 page
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Teach your child to marvel at God’s ingenious design of His creation! Your child will delight in hearing Uncle Bob as he interviews various creatures and weather elements. Each creature/creation talks about how God made him and how he functions in the world. The 6–8 min. interviews will fascinate your child. At the end of each interview, Uncle Bob presents biblical truths to consider. Join the fun as you and your child learn about the chuckwalla lizard, backswimmer bug, yucca moth, honeybee, fig wasp, alligator/snapping turtle, mongoose, rain clouds, wind, and dew. Also see our other CDs/DVDs from Bob Devine.

Total time: 69:20.

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