Mr. Apple's Family

Mr. Apple's Family

Good and the Beautiful Library Level 3
by Jean McDevitt, Jenny Phillips (Updated Grammar and Spelling)
Perfectbound, 118 pages
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At the t the end of the lane was an orchard full of crooked little trees. The trees were all covered with little pink blossoms. They were apple trees. In the very middle of the orchard was a house.

The Apple family lived in the city, but with so many new little Apples coming along, their home was becoming quite crowded. It didn't take long for them to find the perfect house in the country, but it required some ingenuity and cooperation to make it their own. Follow along with the Apple family as–with tenacity and some animal mischievousness–they achieve their dream of owning a home suited for their every need.

*This unabridged version has updated grammar and spelling.

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