We've Moved!

Our New Location:

18321 McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie, OR 97267
Map and Directions

We are now right on 99E, just under two miles from I-205, closer to downtown Portland, more conveniently situated for most of our customers. (Sorry to everyone else!) Visible from the road, we have approximately twice the space as before, which should allow us to be more organized and hospitable.


Here's what it looked like while we prepared to move in.

Bigger than it looks, this attic is our new warehouse.

New floors go in!

Amanda's family helped build new shelves.

Amanda's mom and sister have been of huge assistance in tackling the job of painting the whole place. Thank you so much!

While we work, the kids play--enjoying all the extra space.

Joshua helps unload boxes of literature books.

Original floor plan ideas (not exactly the way it worked out):
(click to enlarge)