by Rumer Godden, William Pene du Bois (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
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"Once there was a little mousewife who was different from the rest

"She did all the things a mousewite does she made a nest for the mouse babies she hoped to have one day; she collected crumbs of food for her hus- band and herself; once she bit the tops off a whole bowl of crocuses; and she played with the other mice at midnight on the attic floor.

"What more do you want? asked her husband.

"She did not know what it was she wanted, but she wanted more."

One day a dove was brought to live in the house. He had been caught in the wood and put in a cage. He talked to the mousewife about dew and fields and flying, the world beyond the window. He thought he would never see that world again, and he sat with his wings folded and his head sunk on his breast.

This is the story of a rare devotion It is also the story of a sacrifice. But sometimes, when you give up the thing you love the most, you find you have gained your heart's desire.

"The mousewife could only think as a mouse but she could feel as the dove could feel." With her imagination and sympathy and clarity of mind, Miss Godden has been able to feel and think as the mousewife did. This is a book that children and parents will share together; it has something to say for every age and something to add with each rereading.

from the dust jacket

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