Mouse House

Mouse House

by Rumer Godden, Adrienne Adams (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
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Mary's father gave her a little red house for an Easter present. "It's for jewelry." he told her. "No, it's meant for mice," Mary said. And indeed there were two make-believe mice there already.

However, as time went by, she tired of the house and its occupants. They didn't do anything just stood there like statues.

Meanwhile, way down in the cel lar, a family of real mice lived in an old cracked flowerpot. Very often Bonnie, the youngest, was pushed out at night when they were all piled in together, there simply was not room enough.

Once when Bonnie had been shoved out again (no one did it purposely, of course), she was almost in tears. She crept upstairs, where she had never been before. past the terrifying sleeping cat, then up one more flight. Frightened and exhausted, she scrambled to the top of a dresser. There stood the mouse house!

Bonnie scooted through the open front door She spied the little and quick as a wink she crawled in and fell fast asleep.

Can you imagine what Mary thought, next morning, when she heard noises in the mouse house? Or what happened to Bonnie when Mary found her? You couldn't possibly!

Adrienne Adams's delightful drawings and Rumer Godden's sure, delicate touch make this an enchanting companion for their Impunity Jane and The Fairy Doll.

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