Mountain of Truth

Mountain of Truth

by Dale Carlson, Charles Robinson (illustrator)
Publisher: Atheneum
©1972, Item: 88283
Hardcover, 169 pages
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"For a long time before they set out for the new international camp in Tibet, where they were to spend the summer, Peter Jordan wondered about his brother Michael. Why was Michael so reluctant to go? It wasn't just that it was a camp. After all, the setting was intriguing enough and the two brothers were sophisticated enough to avoid any unwanted activities.

Not until they arrived did Peter learn what Michael's problem was: the place attracted him too much. He was afraid of what might happen there. And only after Michael had disappeared and then returned to take Peter to a monastery high on Mount Lhotse, did he really understand. For he saw that Michael had been released into a mystic world. That was the start of the Order of the Children of the Mountain of Truth, which eventually came to include more than one hundred campers. They intended to develop hidden powers in their minds and bring peace and human betterment to the world. Both triumph and tragedy resulted.

This book is set in the future, but not a far future. It could be happening today somewhere. Maybe it is."

from the dust jacket

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