by Kathleen Norris, Jennie Chancey (Editor)
Publisher: Vision Forum
2nd Edition, ©2000, Publisher Catalog #34898
Hardcover, 202 pages
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This is a difficult age to be a woman. The woman who aspires to raise children for the glory of God, to develop the ministry of the home, or to co-labor with her husband is deemed "old-fashioned" or "unfulfilled." The modern lure of independence and career has bewitched an entire generation to exchange the beauty of Christian womanhood for the temporary enticements of a society at war with the family. Amidst this confusion, Kathleen Norris's Mother is a refreshing call to sanity.

Mother is the fictional tale of a young lady who leaves home and repudiates family life in the hope of finding personal fulfillment through independence and a career. She decides that home life is a poor choice in the face of life in the big city. But God dramatically changes her heart, and she realizes that wealth and position are illusory and that independence can enslave a young lady. She discovers that the greatest woman she has ever known is her mother. Now she longs for home and for motherhood.

After reading this book, one woman wrote, "As I turned the last page, tears filled my eyes. I knelt by my bed and asked God to forgive me for my bitterness and my unwillingness to trust and obey Him." Vision Forum is pleased to offer this restored and revised version of the 1911 classic in the hope that girls will once again aspire to be like their mothers.

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