Mother West Wind's Children

Mother West Wind's Children

by Thornton W. Burgess, Harrison Cady (Illustrator)
Trade Paperback, 156 pages
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Thornton Burgess was born in 1874 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. While growing up he frequently roamed the fields, woods, and salt marshes or Cape Cod, where he came to know the birds, animals, and plant life well. Later, as a grown man, he told stories to his young son about the animals and wildlife he knew and loved. These stories were collected in Old Mother West Wind, the first of over seventy books for Mr. Burgess. Now, seventy-five years after Old Mother West Wind was first published, another book in the popular series is being reissued in paperback for another generation of children to enjoy. Mother West Wind's Children is a collection of "why" stories—why is Danny Meadow Mouse's tail so short? Why are Peter Rabbit's ears so long? Harrison Cady's classic illustrations of these favorite Burgess characters help make this a welcome companion volume to Old Mother West Wind and Mother West Wind's Neighbors.


  • Danny Meadow Mouse Learns Why His Tail Is Short
  • Why Reddy Fox Has No Friends
  • Why Peter Rabbit's Ears Are Long
  • Reddy Fox Disobeys
  • Striped Chipmunk's Pockets
  • Reddy Fox, the Boaster
  • Johnny Chuck's Secret
  • Johnny Chuck's Great Fight
  • Mr. Toad's Old Suit
  • Grandfather Frog Gets Even
  • The Disappointed Bush
  • Why Bobby Coon Washes His Food
  • The Merry Little Breezes have a Busy Day
  • Why Hooty the Owl Does Not Play on the Green Meadows
  • Danny Meadow Mouse Learns to Laugh
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