Mother at Home

Mother at Home

Raising Your Children in the Fear of the Lord

by John S. C. Abbott
Trade Paperback, 136 pages
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"The object of this book is practical utility, not literary effect. It is written for mothers in the common walks of life. There are many mothers, in every village of our land, who are looking eagerly for information respecting the government of their children. It is hoped that the following treatise may render them some assistance."
from the Author's Preface

The Mother at Home first appeared in 1833 as a book published by the American Tract Society. In enunciates and illustrates certain basic principles of the duty of the mother in raising up her children in the "fear and admonition of the Lord."

Mother at Home stresses the great importance of raising up children under the eye of God, always conscious of His presence and submitted to His Word—the Holy Scriptures. Quoting from the concluding chapter we see the tremendous importance the writer places upon maternal care of children:

She who was first in the transgression, must yet be the principlal earthly instrument in the restoration. Other causes may greatly aid. Other influences must be ready to receive the mind as it comes from the mother's hand, and carry it onward in its improvement. But the mothers of our race must be the chief instruments in its redemption. . .O mothers! Reflect upon the power your Maker has placed in your hands! There is no earthly influence to be compared with yours. There is no combination of causes so powerful in promoting the happiness or the misery of our race, as the instructions of home.

We trust this book will be welcomed in the homes and in the hearts of Christian parents today as they obey the biblical command to raise up their children in the nurture of Christ.

"Long esteemed as one of the most valued works from the 19th century on the art of mothering and the glory of the work of the mother at home. For any girl who was raised without much discipline and in need of instruction on proper discipline of her own children, this is a superb guide. Rarely in print and worth obtaining at any price. Christian mothers who want biblical counsel on Christian child rearing will find this book valuable."
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  Convicting & Inspiring
Mystie Winckler of WA, 3/9/2011
Abbott lays out a mother's authority, a child's duty of obedience to parents, the mother's duty for religious training and modeling, and also lays great stress upon a mother teaching primarily through example (being what she wants her children to be), upon happiness being a moral obligation to the Christian (and he firmly answers the typical "but, but" sputterings and also lays out how one trains oneself in happiness), upon courtesy and manners being essential outworkings of kindness and self-denial, and upon the preeminent position prayer must hold in a mother's life. In all, a highly convicting and inspiring read.