More All-of-a-Kind Family

More All-of-a-Kind Family

All-of-a-Kind Family Series #3
by Sydney Taylor, Mary Stevens (Illustrator)
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
List Price: $12.95 Sale Price: $11.01

Here are Ella, Charlotte, Hennie, Sarah and Gertie back—joined by little brother Charlie, who is now two and full of mischief. Can he help it if his hands are dirty when he tries to imitate Mama kneading the dough for the Challah, the Sabbath loaves?

Can Gertie help it if she fibs about being able to tell time and is caught at it? It's not easy to wiggle out of a big mistake like that, but Gertie finds a way.

Then there's Lena the Greena. She saved Charlie from being run down by a horse, but she certainly talks funny and isn't very American, what with her Polish accent and foreign ways. But, she's the one who finally captures Uncle Hyman's heart, so the girls will have their wish of being part of a big wedding. Illness almost cancels it, but even that works out thanks to Mama's good sense and the love that surrounds the couple.

Finally, there's Ella's budding romance with Jules, and the excitement of their being chosen to sing in a choir for the Jewish High Holy Days. The reader celebrates with this large and happy family each of the holidays that comes round through the seasons, each a cause for joyous activity.

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FLAWS: Attitudes
Summary: The all-of-a-kind family is no longer all-of-a-kind now that little Charlie is born, but they still get into as much mischief as ever.

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