Moominvalley in November

Moominvalley in November

Moomintrolls Book #8
by Tove Jansson
Trade Paperback, 176 pages
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Snufkin, Fillyjonk, Mymble, the Hemulen, Grandpa-Grumble, and little Toft have all come on their own to the Moomins' house. But where are the Moomins?

"Remembering the geniality of Moominpappa and Moominmamma, six lonely friends find their separate ways back to the loving household. But the Finn family Moomintroll is gone, and the November gloom of the visitors deepens. Although none of the six is a sociable creature, they more or less put up with each other, and, perhaps recalling the warmth of the family, they eventually learn how pleasant communal life can be. Tove Jansson has a polished style, gentle humor, and an ever-fresh imagination. And her creatures, from the fussy Hemulen and Fillyjonk to cowering little Toft, are as delightful as ever." —Zena Sutherland, The Saturday Review

"Drenched in atmosphere . . . The highly subtle narrative is frequently pure poetry." —The Horn Book

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Summary: A band of eccentric characters travel to Moominvalley to await the return of the mysteriously absent Moomins.

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