Monarch Butterfly: Winging North & South

Monarch Butterfly: Winging North & South

by Marion W. Marcher, Barbara Latham (illustrator)
Publisher: Holiday House
©1954, Item: 88365
Library Binding, 44 pages
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This familiar butterfly is one of the most beautiful of living creatures. It is "born" full-size from its jewel-like chrysalis. In its short lifetime it migrates many hundreds of miles over land and water. To attract a mate, the male has perfume in its wing-pockets. From egg to splendid adulthood, the monarch's story is one of the most beautiful in all natural history.

Here it is told so simply and illustrated so vividly that the reader of 8 or 9 will readily take to and the listener of 6 will follow it easily. At the end, How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly leads to delightful activity.

With all its charm this little book is straight science. Both author and artist have worked tirelessly from living models. An authority on butterflies, Austin H. Clark, Department of Zoology, Smithsonian Institution, has checked the text for accuracy in the light of recent findings.

—from the dust jacket

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