Moffats #1
by Eleanor Estes
Publisher: Harcourt
Trade Paperback, 211 pages
Price: $9.99

Meet the Moffats. There is Sylvie, the oldest, the cleverest, and—most days at least—the responsible one; Joey, who though only twelve is the man of the house. . .sometimes; Janey, who has a terrific upside-down way of looking at the world; and Rufus, who may be the littlest, but always gets in the biggest trouble. Only a Moffat could get locked in a bread box all afternoon, or dance with a dog in front of the whole town, or hitch a ride on a boxcar during kindergarten recess. And only a Moffat could turn mistakes and mischief into hilarious one-of-a-kind adventure.

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Summary: The four Moffats get into mischief and misadventures while growing up as a strong family.

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