Modern Parables - DVD Set

Modern Parables - DVD Set

Publisher: Compass Classroom
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Modern Parables is an original film-based Bible study series on Jesus’ parables. It uses short films combined with teaching by pastors and in-depth study materials to create an entirely new learning experience.

An awesome instructional tool. They’re very high quality movies and really bring the story alive.

Modern Parables seeks to re-create the emotional immediacy that Jesus’ 1st-century audience felt when hearing the parables. It does this by using some of the best parable scholarship and exploring it through creative filmmaking. The gut-level understanding made possible by the films is intended to drive listeners into a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Modern Parables Trailers from Compass Cinema on Vimeo.

Modern Parables accomplishes this by being:

  1. Biblical – The films are not just loosely based on the parables, but very accurately follow the original text. The goal of the films is to re-create the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual impact of the original parables. It is the high integrity to the Word of God in all its parts that makes the study so effective.
  2. Entertaining – All of the films have been produced with strong production values that are immediately apparent to an observer. Furthermore, each of the films has been based on the style of different directors from the past, so each film looks and feels very different from the rest. Because the films are entertaining and based on the Bible, everyone seems to enjoy the learning process.
  3. Relevant – By modernizing the parables, they become more accessible to a contemporary audience. People can immediately relate to what the films are saying as well as to what the pastors are teaching. The pastoral application videos show how the parables relate to our daily lives, as well as how we each fit into the broader scope of the Kingdom of God.
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