Modelling for Amateurs

Modelling for Amateurs

How to Do It #20
by Clifford Ellis, Rosemary Ellis
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Hardcover, 79 pages
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THE AUTHORS of this book have been teaching the subject to children and adults with much success for a number of years and have succeeded in making it interesting to both amateur and professional.

THEY INCLUDE quite simple things like toys, simple puppets and masks which can be made by young children with twisted wire, cut newspaper and paste. Clay modelling including methods of casting, which show how to model a head, a wall decoration and even such a practical and amusing thing as a mould for confectionery.

EACH STAGE is clearly demonstrated photographically and there are many illustrations which will provide numerous suggestions of things to attempt. The authors' text is to the point, and with its aid anyone who is interested in the subject can easily attain competence in an inexpensive and amusing craft.




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