Mitty on Mr Syrup's Farm

Mitty on Mr Syrup's Farm

by Ruth Langland Holberg, Richard A. Holberg (Illustrator)
©1936, Item: 91099
Hardcover, 32 pages
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It was the day of the Sunday-school picnic on Mr. Syrup's farm, and Mitty could hardly wait to get there. Mr. Syrup, the milkman, was a very good friend of Mitty's and it would be fun to see him, but more than any. thing else Mitty wanted to see his farm. She had never seen a real farm.

All the way out into the country as she rode in the buggy with her teacher, Mitty thought about Mr. Syrup's farm, and all the things she would see there.

BUT the picnic wasn't at the farm after all, only in the grove at one end of the farm, and Mitty might never have seen Mr. Syrup and his sister, and all the farm cows and chickens, and the hired man, Yonny Yumper; she might not have discovered what she did about digging potatoes, and how Wisconsin cheese was made–but she did, and it was her Sunday-school teacher's lacy ruffled parasol that was responsible for it all.

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