Missionary Stories with the Millers

Missionary Stories with the Millers

by Mildred A. Martin
Mass market paperback, 205 pages
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Experience thrilling adventures the Christian missionaries on these pages meet with witch doctors, disease, drought, hate-filled guerillas, a Bible thief, and killer cats! Best of all, each of these stories is based on actually happenings in the lives of real people.

Follow these missionaries as they respond to God's call, which leads some into miraculous escapes from danger, while others face martyrdom for Christ - but as soldiers of the Cross, they know that they have the victory in the end! "Our children could see God's great faithfulness as we read these precious stories of those who trusted in Him." -- Jay Trimble.

Contents of Missionary Stories with the Millers

The Dollar that Grew (United States)
1) They Were Not Afraid (Congo)
2) The Stolen Testament (Egypt)
3) The Yellow River (China)
4) Chief Sechel's Daughter (Africa)
5) He Wasn't Crazy (Belize)
6) Rain Out of the Ground (New Hebrides)
7) They Are Going to Kill You! (Ethiopia)
8) Too Busy Fishing (China)
9) Mamma Lillian (Egypt)
10) The Shotgun That Wouldn't Fire (Mexico)
11) Jim Elliot and the Auca Indians (Ecuador)
12) The Miracle from the Meadow (Romania)
13) She Changed Her Mind (India)
14) The Tiger is Loose! (Peru)
15) Saved in the Night (India)
16) The Talking Tortilla (Mexico)
17) Martyred at Midnight (Guatemala)
18) A Modern-Day Elijah (Korea)
19) A Fortress in the Church (Armenia)
20) Temple Runaway (India)
21) Only One Page (Poland)
22) Day of Disaster (Alaska)
23) The Boy Who Was Determined (India)
24) A Dust Pan for Jesus (South Africa)
25) The Man with the Gospel Papers (United States)
26) The Missionary Says a Bad Word (El Salvador)
27) Lost! (Belize)
28) Through Water and Fire (Canada)
29) Uncle Ralph and the Moose (Canada)

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