Miss Twiggley's Tree

Miss Twiggley's Tree

by Dorothea Warren Fox
Publisher: Purple House Press
Perfectbound, 44 pages
Price: $15.99

Why did Miss Twiggley live in a tree? Why did she send her dog, Puss, out to do the shopping? Why did she always run away and hide when people came to visit? And it was rumored that Miss Twiggley had even more peculiar habits...

Old Miss Twiggley, was friendly with bears. "They shed on the sofa," she said, "but who cares?"

And was it true, as the mayor's wife had heard, that she actually slept in her hat? "Simply disgraceful!" they said. But when a hurricane hits the town and the water rises, everyone is grateful to Miss Twiggley and her tree. Even better, Miss Twiggley herself learns a very important lesson, with a warm and happy ending.

This edition features a letter to the reader written by Dorothea Fox several years ago, explaining how she came to write this touching story.

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