Miss Bianca

Miss Bianca

by Margery Sharp
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Hardcover, 152 pages
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One of those rare books which delight adults and children alike, Margery Sharp's irresistible fantasy The Rescuers has taken its place on family bookshelves beside such enduring classics as Winnie the Pooh, The Wind in the Willows, and Stuart Little. Now Miss Sharp, famous for such charmingly sophisticated novels as Cluny Brown, The Eye of Love and Something Light, presents us with a sequel—another adventure with those admirable, dauntless mice, Miss Bianca and Bernard, which Garth Williams has again enhanced with a profusion of his enchanting drawings. Like its predecessor, Miss Bianca is a truly civilized animal story, sparkling with all of Margery Sharp's characteristic gaiety, warmth and humor.

The story is a hair-raising one (or fur-raising, as the case may be) and involves, besides Miss Bianca and Bernard, a memorable character in the person of a wicked Duchess. Withdrawn from all eyes within the cold, cruel splendors of her Diamond Palace, the Duchess—who is worse than a witch—has had kidnapped into her service a little girl known as Patience.

As soon as she hears of Patience's dreadful fate. Miss Bianca, the fabulous Embassy mouse, determines upon her rescue. Beautiful Miss Bianca has been drawn into public life against her will, and though she would have preferred her own elegant retreat of a Porcelain Pagoda in the schoolroom of her friend, the Ambassador's son, she enters the agitation of a Moot-hall to address that venerable and world-wide mouse organization, the Prisoners' Aid Society. Enlisting the eager aid of the Ladies' Guild (who hitherto had never done anything more exciting than provide supper), she sets out with her coquettish-looking party to infiltrate the great, glittering Diamond Palace.

But there was one thing about the Diamond Duchess's household that even Miss Bianca did not know. She was to discover that there were more mysterious creatures than mice stirring be- neath the diamond chandeliers. An astonishing en- counter completely upsets her brilliantly audacious plan, and leads Miss Bianca into unexpected and perilous exploits—and the reader into one of the most beguiling and delightful adventures he has ever had the good fortune to share.

As charming as the tale itself are the illustrations by Garth Williams, the distinguished artist of Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web and The Rabbit's Wedding. He has captured perfectly the evil Diamond Duchess; plain, devoted Bernard of the humble (and beautiful) nature; and, of course, exquisite Miss Bianca, who was applauded in the New York Times Book Review as "a veritable minx of a mouse." This happy blend of Garth Williams's inimitable drawings and Margery Sharp's gifted writing make Miss Bianca as captivating to look at as it is to read.

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