Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines

Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines

by Margery Sharp
Publisher: Yearling
©1974, Item: 93123
Hardcover, 152 pages
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Miss Bianca, the intrepid heroine of The Rescuers, Miss Bianca, and The Turret, is back as Perpetual Madam President of the M.P.S.A. (Mouse Prisoners' Aid Society). In her new and responsible position she has reached the ultimate in status, experience, and resourcefulness.

When last seen, Miss Bianca was engaged in the rescue of her mortal enemy Mandrake, imprisoned in The Turret. In her latest adventure, dainty but dauntless, Miss Bianca faces her most perilous rescue to date. Assisted by her stalwart companion Bernard and two crusty old professors, she embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue Teddy-Age-Eight from the salt mines.

The quartet meets with obstacles which would make the faint of heart desert the quest and leave the prisoner to his fate: the narrow-gauge railway they must ride whose accident rate is mortally high; the deep and treacherous lake surrounding Teddy-Age-Eight's prison; the greedy and cruel Governor who has made Teddy his slave. These are some of the dangers which must be overcome before Teddy-Age-Eight can be brought to safety. Bernard, Miss Bianca's faithful lieutenant, comes into his own in this latest and most exciting of the chronicles.

All those, both young and old, who are followers of Miss Bianca's adventures will enjoy this most ingenious and imaginative addition to Margery Sharp's winsome series.

This story, like its predecessors, is enchantingly illustrated by Garth Williams, and his creations of Miss Bianca, Bernard, all the characters both animal and human, are charming and delightful.

Margery Sharp is the versatile author of novels including The Eye of Love, The Gypsy in the Parlor, Cluny Brown, The Sun in Scorpio, and, of course, the wonderful Miss Bianca series.

Jacket design by Garth Williams

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