Miss Bianca in the Antarctic

Miss Bianca in the Antarctic

by Margery Sharp
Publisher: Yearling
Trade Paperback, 152 pages
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The intrepid Miss Bianca embarks upon the most perilous mission of her career in Miss Bianca in the Antarctic, the sixth chronicle of her adventures by Margery Sharp. Newly retired as Perpetual Madam President and Secretary, respectively, of the Mouse Prisoners' Aid Society, Miss Bianca and her stalwart right-hand-mouse Bernard settle down for a life of well-deserved peace and quiet, when who should re-enter their lives but Nils, the valiant Norwegian sailor-mouse from their adventures in The Rescuers.

His news is most distressing: the Poet is in trouble again! Saved from the Black Castle in The Rescuers, the Poet has joined a Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic—and has become trapped there, a prisoner of whirl winds and breaking ice fields. Duty is clear, the Poet must be saved again! But how?

As Miss Bianca and Bernard set out to brave the perils of the icy Antarctic, little do they realize the ever greater dangers in store for them. Blizzards, polar bears, penguins and temperatures cold enough to freeze a mouse stiff as a board all unite to make Miss Bianca in the Antarctic the most exciting tale ever in the annals of the Mouse Prisoners' Aid Society.

Miss Bianca in the Antarctic is charmingly illustrated by Erik Blegvad, whose droll and beautiful style enhances a tale in which Bernard and Miss Bianca exceed even themselves in cunning and bravado.

Everyone, young or old, will enjoy this latest and most sparkling addition to Margery Sharp's beloved Miss Bianca series.

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