The Truth About Inflation, Pricing, and the Creation of Wealth

by David L. Bahnsen, Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 124 pages
Price: $14.95

Everyone’s talking about inflation, and everyone seems remarkably misinformed.

In this conversational book, Douglas Wilson takes all his burning economic questions and pitches them to David L. Bahnsen. Doug starts their discussion with this one: Conservatives have been prophesying hyperinflation for generations now… so where is it?

Readers get to follow along as David’s answer to this question exposes false assumptions on both the right and the left (yes, even some of Doug’s). More questions follow: The inflation-hawk approach to public policy screams about creating inflation without realizing that that’s what government policies intend to do—they’re just terrible at it, as David shows. And those on the left continue to suffocate economic growth as they pursue their own counterproductive goals. But what both sides miss is that the best solution against inflation, deflation, and stagnation is found in enterprise. And it’s in their discussion of wealth creation that Doug and David begin to sketch a vision of how a faithful, successful nation might handle its people and their money. No, it’s not by putting gold coins in a sock or nosediving into bitcoin. Get the book to join the conversation.

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