Minister's Treasury of Funeral & Memorial Passages

Minister's Treasury of Funeral & Memorial Passages

by Jim Henry
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
Hardcover, 196 pages
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A "must have" for all pastors, this handbook (5 1/2" wide by 7 3/4" high) will help you as you minister to persons in the critical time of grief. Jim Henry is pastor of a 10,000-member church in Orlando, Florida. He has been a pastor in service for thirty-six years and also served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.Part 1 includes guidelines in seven vital areas of grief ministry including, what to do in the following situations:

  • On Receiving Notification of a Death
  • When Visiting in the Home
  • Scheduling
  • During the Funeral Home Visit
  • During the Service
  • When Concluding the Service
  • At the Gravesite

Part 2 includes twenty-three full-length funeral messages (4-8 pages each) for different situations including the following:

  • Sudden unexpected death
  • One who battled a long illness
  • A military person of faith
  • A child
  • A student
  • A godly wife, mother, or woman

This is a much-needed manual for pastors, ministers, and laymen alike who are called on to minister in funeral and memorial services.

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