Millstones & Stumbling Blocks

Millstones & Stumbling Blocks

Understanding Education in Post-Christian America

by Bradley E. Heath
Publisher: Fenestra Books
Trade Paperback, 144 pages
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Much of the timber of public schooling and evangelicalism is as dry as kindling; Millstones & Stumbling Blocks is an open flame. Don't read this book if you insist on believing that . . .

  • Christian children should be educated in public schools
  • American evangelicalism is on the right track
  • there are political remedies for our cultural illnesses

DO read this book if . . .

  • you'll consider that the above points may not be true
  • you are unhappy with the educational status quo
  • you accept the responsibility to read, think, and act
"There is no greater failing among Christians than our lack of obedience in the education of our children. Brad Heath understands the stakes and eloquently points the way."
—Bruce Shortt Attorney, and author of The Harsh Truth about Public Schools
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