Miki and Mary

Miki and Mary

Their Search for Treasures

by Maud Petersham, Miska Petersham
Publisher: Hale-Cadmus
©1934, Item: 90448
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Miki and Mary decided to take a trip and have lots of exciting adventures. So they got on a big ship and went across the ocean. The ship itself was lots of fun, for it had the grandest kind of playroom. But the real adventures didn't start until they had crossed the ocean.

The first place they visited was a castle and a church on a tiny island. When the tide was low, you could walk from the land to the island. But if the tide came in before you got across-then you might be drowned!

Wherever they went, Miki and Mary had adventures. One time Mary almost got them into real trouble. She picked up an eel that a fisher- man had caught and threw it back into the ocean. The fisherman was very cross, for he had caught the eel for his supper. But Miki was able to get them out of that difficulty.

In Venice they almost got lost, running around in circles after their boat bumped into another boat in the canal. In Jerusalem they dressed up in strange clothes and Miki rode around on a little donkey while Mary walked. Why? When you read the story you will find the answer to this question, and you will enjoy all these adventures with Miki and Mary.

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