Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

by Virginia Lee Burton
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Trade Paperback, 44 pages
List Price: $9.99 Sale Price: $8.49

Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, Mary Anne, make quite a team. The inseparable duo digs the great canals for the big boats to travel through, cuts through the large mountains so trains can pass, and hollows out the deep cellars for the great skyscrapers in the city. But the introduction of gasoline, electric, and diesel shovels means big trouble for Mike and Mary Anne. No one wants an old-fashioned steam shovel like Mary Anne when a modern shovel can do the digging in half the time!

Forced to travel far out of the city to look for work, Mike and Mary Anne find themselves in the little town of Popperville. Mike and Mary Anne make a bid to dig the cellar for the new town hall, promising the town that if they can't dig the cellar in just one day they'll accept no payment for the job. Will Mike and Mary Anne be able to complete the job? The whole town of Popperville turns out to watch.

Virginia Lee Burton, author of such classic children's books as The Little House and Katy and the Big Snow, offers a touching portrait of love and dedication while commenting on the modernization that continuously shapes our lives. Hamilton's wonderful crayon drawings bring Mike and the indomitable Mary Anne to life.

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Summary: Can an old steam shovel match a new gas-powered machine? Find out in this updated take on the John Henry legend!

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  Delightful Classic
Albanyaloe of South Africa, 6/10/2011
This is a charming story about Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel, in the times when bigger fancier machines are taking the place of steam machinery. It is an endearing tale of a hard worker and his relationship with his steam shovel, who he affectionately calls Mary Anne. They go looking for a job, and the author depicts the characters Mike meets with real humor. They finally land a job, and so the tale begins. The story unfolds as a little boy excitedly watches the progress, and summons various members of the town to watch too. Readers will appreciate the simple story of things from another time when life was slower, and children will enjoy it, just as they have for years. (It was one of my husband's childhood favorites in the 1960's)