Mike McClintock

Mike McClintock, also known as Gregory Duncan, Douglas Marshall, and William Starret; was born Marshall McClintock on August 21, 1906, in Topeka, Kansas. His father William was a lawyer, and his mother's name was Martha. Mike married three times: his first wife was Helene Maunsell; his second was Inez Bertail; and his third and final marriage was to May Garelick who was a writer and editor. He had three children: Marco, Claudia and Michael.

After recieving an A.B. from Dartmouth College in 1926, he started his career as clerk, then manager, of Doubleday Book Shops. Following that, he worked in the publishing field in New York, first as a salesman, and later as a sales manager for Viking Press. From 1929-1936, he worked as a sales manager for Heritage Press, but then he moved over and worked as a sale manager and juvenile editor for Vanguard press for the next eleven years. Throughout his career, he had stints with Saturday Evening Post, Saturday Review, Collier's, and other magazines and he later worked as a freelance writer till his death in 1967.

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