Mighty Acts of God

Mighty Acts of God

A Family Bible Story Book

by Starr Meade, Tim O'Connor (Illustrator)
Publisher: Crossway Books
Hardcover, 288 pages
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A lot of Bible story books take a "just the facts, ma'am" approach, leaving something to be desired in the impartation of Scriptural truth to young kids. Starr Meade's Mighty Acts of God chooses to focus on stories that display God's character, drawing special attention to how He works and who He is. Each of the 90 stories (41 for the OT, 49 for the NT) is three pages with 1-2 full color illustrations reminiscent of old anime.

The appropriate Scripture is referenced for each story, along with discussion/thought topic insets. Each story begins with an actual Bible verse (ESV). The illustrations might make you think this is for very young kids, but due to the writing style and depth of concepts discussed we wouldn't recommend this for kids younger than K-3, though older kids can certainly benefit as well.

Meade's focus on the character of God Himself is what distinguishes this from other story book Bibles. Though the author comes from a Reformed tradition, she does not emphasize that doctrine per se, instead concentrating on truths upheld by all Christians. Scripture is seen as a monolitihic narrative, not a series of sketches, and this continuity is evidenced throughout. A rarity, this is definitely one of our favorites.

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