Midsummer Night's Dream - Student Guide

Midsummer Night's Dream - Student Guide

by David M. Wright, Kate Janke, William Shakespeare
Publisher: Memoria Press
2nd Ed, ©2020, ISBN: 9781547702299
Consumable Workbook, 66 pages
Price: $11.95

Children who are asked to read slightly above their comfort level will develop into superior readers. This reading program for grades 2-7 continues the development of reading skills. Reading is not a passive activity for pleasure. Reading requires an active, discriminating mind that is challenged to think, compare, and contrast. Students who have been challenged by good literature will never be satisfied with the poor-quality books that are so readily available today.

Literature study guides train students to become active readers. These guides focus on vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and composition skills. Words to pronounce and spell prepare students for each chapter and words to define build vocabulary. Comprehension questions teach students to think about what they have read and to learn to identify the important content of each story. Comprehension questions also teach students the advanced skill of composing a clear, concise answer to a question, a difficult skill at any age. Writing is thinking, and good questioning stimulates the child to think and to write.

Shakespeare is challenging for any student. This study guide will help the student understand and immensely benefit from this classic play.

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