Middle School Math Games

Middle School Math Games

by Miryam Alter (Author)
1st Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9781601449344
Consumable Workbook, 72 pages
Price: $15.99

Spark the interest of even the most indifferent math student! There are 15 games in the Grades 6-8 book. The games build number sense, operational fluency, problem-solving strategies and give teachers and parents an alternative method to assess student performance and understanding. The math concepts and skills covered in each game are listed under each game, so teachers can select the appropriate games for the curriculum they are teaching.

Most of the games require only pencil, paper, and a pair of dice or a spinner. Each game has been classroom-tested numerous times and comes with clear, concise instructions and all reproducible master sheets necessary for playing. Instructions include a simple way to play a less challenging variation of the game or a more challenging variation. Instructions also include questions for further discovery, as well as, technology tips and teacher-management tips.

These games are also very helpful assessment tools since students love the games and are not reluctant to ask for help, because it improves their chances of winning the game. It is also common to hear students discuss and share their strategies with their peers. A study of the latest educational research has corroborated that there are a myriad of ways that games help children become proficient math learners.

  • Meaningful situations – for the application of mathematical skills
  • Motivation – children enjoy playing
  • Positive attitude – games reduce the fear of failure and error
  • Increased learning – increased interaction between children and more opportunities to test intuitive ideas and problem solving strategies
  • Different levels – games allow children to operate at different levels of thinking
  • Assessment – children’s thinking becomes apparent through actions and decisions they make during a game

Concepts for Grades 6-8
- Fractions/Decimals/Percents
- Positive and Negative Numbers (Signed Numbers)
- Prime and Relatively Prime Numbers
- Coordinate Geometry
- Order of Operations
- Area and Perimeter
- Exponents and Experimenting With Other Number Bases
- Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
- Math Vocabulary and Symbols
- Formulating Math Problem-Solving Strategies

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