Middle Moffat

Middle Moffat

Moffats #2
by Eleanor Estes
Publisher: Harcourt
Trade Paperback, 256 pages
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Who is Jane Moffat, anyway? She isn't the youngest in the family, and she isn't the oldest—she is always just Jane.

How boring.

So Jane decides to become a figure of mystery . . . the mysterious "Middle Moffat." But being in the middle is a lot harder than it looks.

In between not rescuing stray dogs, and losing and finding best friends, Jane must secretly look after the oldest inhabitant of Cranbury, help the girls' basketball team win the championship, and stand up to the frightful mechanical wizard Wallie Bangs.

Jane is so busy keeping Cranbury in order that she barely has time to be plain old Jane.

Sometimes the middle is the most exciting place of all . . .

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Summary: Jane Moffat tries to be more than just plain Jane: instead, she wants to be the "middle Moffat."

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