Middle Ages

Middle Ages

500 to 1400

by Michelle Miller
Publisher: TruthQuest History
Spiralbound, 180 pages
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Michelle writes: "The powerful Roman Empire, which had ruled the western world, was gone. But the church wasn't! It had the incredible privilege of being the leading force in Europe. How did it handle that opportunity, especially when Roman mistakes had made life after their empire so very difficult? How were the developing nations and the feudal system affected?"

"Humanistic historians call the early medieval centuries 'dark,' partly because they were so religious. TruthQuest History reveals different causes for the darkness, ones that modern Christians must understand. We face the same challenges...and opportunities!"

"As the fledgling nations became stronger they looked to the church as a model. What did they see? How did both of these powers interact and how was society affected?"

"The kids will go to battle with dashing knights and storm mighty castles, but they'll also see the deeper currents and the slowly upwelling spring of humanism that would overflow in the subsequent Renaissance period. Now they'll know why!"

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