Middle Ages

Middle Ages

A Watts Guide for Children

by William Chester Jordan (Editor)
Publisher: Grolier Publishing
Trade Paperback, 112 pages
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The past is like a faraway land—a place you can visit by reading about it in books or by looking at the objects left behind by the people who lived at that time.

In this book, you will meet the people of the Middle Ages, people who lived roughly between the 500s and the 1500s in many regions around the world. Although it may be difficult to imagine what their daily lives were like, they left many paintings and buildings that we can see today. They composed music that we still play on special occasions, and they wrote books that tell us much about how they lived.

You may know some of these people already—Robin Hood, King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Saint Patrick, Dracula, and Marco Polo. You will also meet some new and extraordinary individuals—Matilda of Tuscany, Maimonides, Heloise and Ablard, Saladin, and Kublai Khan.

The familiar themes and places you find here will become even more interesting when you get to know them better—West African Kingdoms, the Crusades, Nobles and Knights, Vikings, the Aztec Empire, Castles and Fortifications.

There are more than 100 entries and dozens of colorful illustrations in this book. The glossary, suggested reading list, and index provide additional information to help you understand this exciting period in the history of the world.

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