Michelle Magorian

Michelle Magorian
This actress, playwright, author, and poet was born in Portsmouth, England, on November 6, 1947.  Her father was a Navy man, and he met her mother during World War II.  After her birth, Magorian spent nine years living in Singapore and Australia.  When she returned to England, she spent much time writing and visiting the King's Theatre in Portsmouth.  Magorian's true desire became to be on stage.

She followed through with her dream by studying at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London.  Then she traveled to Paris for a year of learning mime.  Afterward, Magorian's acting career began in earnest as she toured the country, taking roles in repertory theater, on television, and in films.  In her spare time, she penned poetry, began keeping a journal, and wrote short stories.

Though she loved the theater, Magorian also began thinking about writing a children's book.  With her busy schedule, it took her almost five years to accomplish her first published story called Goodnight, Mister Tom, which brought her tremendous success.  Magorian often writes about the time period surrounding World War II and has achieved several awards for her well-researched works with authentic details.  Life in the theatre also occupies Magorian's thoughts, and thus she has written books about it as well.  Continuing to live in England and write for children, Magorian has most recently seen published her book called Just Henry.


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