Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

Father of Electronics

by Charles Ludwig
Publisher: Herald Press
Trade Paperback, 207 pages
Price: $11.99

Historical Setting: 18th through 19th Centuries

Michael Faraday only attended school a year or two in his entire life. Yet Albert Einstein rated him as one of the all-time greats of science along with Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton!

Faraday never learned to spell or punctuate. He didn't even remember that a sentence should start with a capital letter. But he was the father of the electric motor, the transformer, and the generator. He discovered benzene, improved steel alloys, and was the first to turn chlorine into a liquid.

Even England's royal family attended his science lectures and sat spellbound as he explained his discoveries and experiments.

Throughout his life, Faraday served as an elder in a small London church that was determined to live by the Sermon on the Mount. The little congregation in the slums normally performed foot washing, observed the Lord's Supper, and shared a love meal together every Sunday. Their ministers did not receive a salary.

In fictionalized form, the author presents Michael Faraday's remarkable life story in a way that will capture the interest and admiration of young and old.

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