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The language arts books from Royal Fireworks Press have been painstakingly designed to appeal not only to your student's brain, but also to their emotions, their aesthetic sense, etc. The approach is a traditional teacher guide/student worktext setup, but the methods employed are genuinely unique, and will keep even the most gifted students challenged and working hard. We don't carry these new as they are constantly being tweaked by the publisher, but when we get used ones, we'll post them here.

Grammar Island, Grammar Town, and Grammar Voyage by Michael Clay Thompson provide a comprehensible yet sophisticated introduction to grammar for the elementary grades. They ignore the low limits traditional at this level and include content often withheld until middle school or even high school.

The student books are compact and intended for use in the early part of the school year so students can get the benefits throughout the year.

Books in this series

This series is the precursor to the series: The Magic Lens, the grammar curriculum at the secondary level.


Writing is the summative skill that combines what is learned in grammar, vocabulary, and poetics as part of producing a finished piece of writing.

Home educators find the grammar, vocabulary, and poetics programs incredibly useful, successful and illuminating. This writing series should be used in conjunction with the rest of the program to teach children formal essay writing.

The Elementary Level Series, which begins with Sentence Island and finishes with Essay Voyage, is stunningly illustrated with original drawings from the art of noted American artist, Milton N. Kemnitz.

The Secondary Level Series is illustrated by actual research papers and Michael Thompson's grading comments. It consists of Advanced Academic Writing and OPUS 40.

Michael Clay Thompson says, “When we do advanced academic writing…we must learn not only to accept but to enjoy the relaxed pace of research, the meticulous construction of sentences, the gradual architecture of essays. The advanced process must be accompanied by an advanced attitude because so long as we resist enjoying advanced competence, we will be unable to achieve it.”

Gifted students need to be able to write academic English. This involves knowing how to formulate papers, how to write according to the MLA rules, how to avoid grammatical and punctuation errors, and how to structure their papers to achieve in any subject.

Books in this series


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