Mice of the Seven Seas

Mice of the Seven Seas

by Tim Davis
Trade Paperback, 138 pages
Price: $8.99

"We've got to warn the Nine Lives," squeaked Charles.

"But how can we?" asked Oliver. "It's long gone by now."

Charles and Oliver don't really want to join Admiral Winchester and the Seven Seas's expedition to find the legendary Great Continent of the South. But they just can't let the terrible Captain Crag and his pirate sea dogs bring disaster to the brave sailors on her Majesty's ship.

They are back! Join Charles and Oliver for yet another exciting adventure as they sail on The Seven Seas in a race with Captain Crag's sea dogs to discover the rumored southern continent. Watch out! Those pirates are fierce, and Barney, their winged friend, has eyes that can see far. Will the Queen's cats and mice be able to outsmart them?

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