MFW Exploring Countries & Cultures

The first of the "Investigate" levels, and designed for third to eighth graders (although adaptable for slightly younger students), Exploring Countries and Cultures integrates science, Bible, reading, geography, art, and music together into one program with a focus on exploring world cultures. From inspiring tales of real-life missionaries to learning about rainforests and deserts, the materials of the program are designed to teach your children what they need to know while keeping learning fun and exciting.

Explore different countries with Illustrated World Atlas and A Trip Around the World. Encourage children in their love of reading with books like Hero Tales. Children can learn about the plants and animals in the countries they are learning about with simple science books like Living World Encyclopedia. Teach them about the need for evangelism with Window on the World, and increase their knowledge and love for God with daily bible readings, memory verses, and other activities. Hands-on activities like Global Art and Wee Sing Around the World help your child remember and enjoy what they’re learning. Part of the design of this program is its ability to be used for any aged child. If your child is the oldest, then go ahead and begin at the beginning. If you have more than one child, my Father’s World designs its curriculum so that younger children can learn along with their older siblings, instead of having to teach a different level for each child. Exploring Countries and Cultures successfully integrates the subjects your student needs to know while focusing on God’s word and his hand in the world.

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