MFW Electives

My Father’s World offers a selection of electives that can be added to any of their high school History programs. Their electives include:

  • Logic
    The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox provide a fun, humorous introduction to thinking critically.
  • Health
    Total Health presents a scientific and Christian understanding of mental, physical, and spiritual health. The My Father’s World health program also includes I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris.
  • Drafting
    Practical Drafting, designed for students to do on their own, provides beginning instruction in lines and drawing and proceeds into University levels.
  • Finance
    This finance program, made up of several different books, instructs students in both how to evaluate money from a biblical perspective and how to manage it in a godly fashion.
  • Driver’sEd
    My Father’s World uses the materials created by National Driver Training Institute to instruct teenagers in safe driving.
  • College Prep
    A collection of materials provide the review necessary to prepare your students for the SAT, college, and CLEP exams.
  • Foreign Language
    Rosetta Stone provides comprehensive, informal instruction on the language of your choice.
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6 Items found Print
Fallacy Detective - Workbook Edition
by Hans & Nathaniel Bluedorn
Workbook from Christian Logic
for 6th-10th grade
in Christian Logic (Location: LOG-CHR)
I Kissed Dating Goodbye
by Joshua Harris
2nd edition from Multnomah Books
for 9th-12th grade
in Preparing for Marriage (Location: XFA-PREP)
Money Matters for Teens - Workbook (Ages 15-18)
by Larry Burkett
from Moody Press
for 7th-12th grade
in Money Management for Kids (and Teens) (Location: MATR-MM)
$14.99 $10.00 (2 in stock)
Money, Possessions & Eternity
by Randy Alcorn
Rev Upd from Tyndale House
for Adult
in Thrift & Stewardship (Location: SS-THRIFT)
$7.50 (2 in stock)
Thinking Toolbox
by Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn
from Christian Logic
for 6th-10th grade
in Christian Logic (Location: LOG-CHR)
Total Health (HS) - Textbook
Total Health
by Susan Boe
from ACSI (Purposeful Design)
for 9th-12th grade
Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks
in Total Health (Location: HEAL-TH)