Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

of Great Renown, in Nottinghamshire

by Robert O. Patterson, Howard Pyle (Illustrator)
Publisher: Castle Books
Hardcover, 72 pages
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Table of Contents:


  • Robin Hood Grows Up in Nottinghamshire
  • Robin Learns the Manly Arts of Battle

Chapter One

  • Robin Hood Comes to Sherwood Forest to Live
  • Robin Builds His Band of Merry Men
  • Robin Wrestles David of Doncaster and Makes Plans
  • Robin Hood Makes His Rules and All Agree
  • Robin Meets Little John and They Fight
  • The Poor Widow and Her Outlaw Sons
  • A Christening and the Band Grows by Five
  • Robin Worries the Sheriff, Who Sees the King
  • Robin Goes to His Shooting Match After All

Chapter Two

  • The Sheriff Turns to Outside Help to Catch Robin
  • Robin Fights the Tinker with a Faulty Staff
  • Will Stutely is Captured and Rescued

Chapter Three

  • Little John Goes to the Blue Boar Inn
  • Little John Fights Arthur a Bland
  • The Three Outlaws Meet a Fancy Gentleman
  • The Four Outlaws Meet a Miller's Son

Chapter Four

  • Allan a Dale Tells His Story
  • Robin Meets a Curtal Friar and Fights
  • Robin Invites a Corn Merchant to a Fine Dinner

Chapter Six

  • A Sorrowful Knight Visits Robin and His Band
  • Sir Richard a Lea Pays the Abbot
  • The Bishop of York is Made a Guest
  • Robin's Loan Returned with Interest

Chapter Seven

  • Robin Becomes a Butcher and Meets Maid Marian Again
  • Robin Enjoys the Meal and the Company
  • Little John Fights and is Hired
  • Little John Fights for His Breakfast

Chapter Eight

  • Good Queen Eleanor Sends for Robin Hood
  • Prince John and the Bishop of York Chase Robin
  • Robin Hides in a Hole and Stays Whole

Chapter Nine

  • Robin Fights Guy of Gisborne in the Forest
  • Sir Richard Seeks Money for King Richard's Ransom
  • Prince John Makes His Stand in Nottingham
  • The King Meets Robin Hood


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