Merlin's Mistake

Merlin's Mistake

by Robert Newman (Author), Richard Lebenson (Illustrator)
Publisher: Atheneum
First Edition, ©1970, Item: 72694
Hardcover, 237 pages
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Brian's mother was determined that he should stay at home, mostly because his father had been killed in the Crusades and she didn't want to lose anyone else. But Brian had other ideas. And when Tertius came along, a boy younger than Brian, the matter was settled. He was going on a quest with Tertius.

But any quest with Tertius, Brian soon discovered, had its complications. For Tertius was Merlin's mistake. Instead of endowing him with knowledge useful for a probable knight of the Round Table, Merlin had handed him a gift of future knowledge. Tertius could describe a computer circuit, but he couldn't even cast a simple spell to get rid of a wart. It was disconcerting to him, but even more so to those who had to deal with him. 

Brian and Tertius did not always find their quest easy, but it was always unexpected, and in the end amazingly successful. And for twentieth century readers, who understand Brian better than his medieval peers, it can sometimes be hilarious.

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