Memoria Press Poetry & Short Stories

Memoria Press Poetry & Short Stories

American Literature

Publisher: Memoria Press
Trade Paperback, 78 pages
List Price: $19.95 Sale Price: $16.96

Did you ever wish you didn't have to sort through all the thousands and thousands of poems that have been written over the years to find the best of the best? Well, Cheryl Lowe has done the work for you.

The three new volumes are anthologies and include two volumes of British poetry: the Elizabethan Age to Neoclassicism (1485-1800) and The Romantic to Victorian Age (1760-1901), and one volume of American Poetry and Short Stories: 19th-20th Centuries (which we use in the 7th grade).

Poetry for the 3rd-6th Grade Poetry covers poems covered in the literature guides for those grades. Includes questions about the meaning of the poems and some vocabulary work.

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